CANDDi are our data intelligence sponsors across the UK.

CANDDi is the Global #1 Visitor Identification software. On average 20-25% of website visitors are identified to Name, Email and Social Profiles by adding the CANDDi tracking code to your website and integrating the technology into your outbound marketing.

1. Track all visitors

CANDDi tracks every website visitor and all their activities including: page views, case-studies, products, downloads, videos viewed and more.

Clients with multiple websites can track the visitors across sites.

CANDDi uses this data to build a profile of interests / engagement so marketing teams can identify what’s working and what’s not.

2. Identify the actual individual

Our target is to identify 25-30% of your website visitors down to name, email and maybe even pictures.

CANDDi integrates with all email marketing platforms, 1-2-1 emails using Outlook, Gmail and Thunderbird, your website forms or any inbound phone calls and with our lightweight capture technologies.

3. Segment, Score and Enhance

Visitors can be segmented based on activity and/or behavioural characteristics. These custom streams can be used to target visitors. Visitors can be assigned to individual sales people or used to drip marketing campaigns.

CANDDi supports Lead Scoring and Lead Grading. The Lead Score informs how active the visitor has been and how engaged they have been with the website. The Lead Grade measures how they specifically match against your defined quality criteria.

4. Alert! Ensuring right people know at the right time

Getting the right information to the best members of the team at the appropriate time is critical. A difference of minutes or hours can dramatically affect the probabilty of a success.

Real-time alerts can be delivered via: Email, using the iOS or Android apps, or directly into your CRM system.

Nightly or on demand reports can be scheduled for less time-sensitive results.

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